The Idyllic

By Alex Markovich.

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“The Golden Ring of Russia in Watercolor” exhibition

An abstract from the interview of Alex Markovich on “Radio of Russia”. July 2018.

In Belgorod Business Library (Russia) my personal exhibition “The Golden Ring of Russia in Watercolor” was opened on July 12, 2018. Over 40 paintings are prestented at the exposition.

The Golden Ring is one of the most popular tourist routes of Russia. All the cities and towns are located not far from Moscow. These are very picturesque places with many historical buildings, temples, etc. I’ve been to the Golden Ring three times and all these trips occured in winter.

The paintings presented at the exhibition are performed in the format of postcards (with postal stamps on the back) which at the end of the show will be sent all over the world.

In 2014, I started my project “Postcards from Russia”: I’ve been sending the cards with my photos and paintings to various parts of the world, mostly to the USA, UK, France, Itlay and Australia. In the age of digital images physical postcards which one can receive in his/her mailbox are something special, there is a sort of nostalgia in it.